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The crystal clear choice for beautiful things handpicked with love and good vibes only.

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Pay What You Want

Here you will find crystals that YOU determine what to pay for them. You have complete freedom to decide the value of these crystal babies!

Some of these babies are high quality, some may be deemed as "flawed" because they come with natural crevices from the original stone itself. Nevertheless, the crystal still retains its vibrational energies regardless of appearance, and it does not mean that its healing properties stop working.

Always buy the crystal or specimen that bestows joy upon you!


Lattice's Journal

Are you on your spiritual journey with healing crystals? So am I. Here is my journal where I pen down all my thoughts, tips and tricks on working with crystals and perhaps even some information I've gleaned after almost a decade of discovering them. Grab a warm cup or a cold glass, sit and muse with me. Let's journey together.

With love, Lattice



If you find yourself particularly drawn to a specific rock, then that's the one you should choose. There's a reason why you're attracted to it.

of Lattice Gems

Who is Lattice?

Lattice Gems is here for those who have a natural affinity for crystals. Personally curating crystals, gems, and minerals of the highest quality from earth to pocket, we hope to nurture and grow the crystal community by connecting you with our favorite pieces from Mother Earth. In support of good energy, healing, and wellness, program your crystals with intentions like love, abundance, or protection.

Lattice is a passionate soul who loves bunnies. In her journey towards connection with Mother Earth, she found an affinity with Mother Earth's jewelry years ago. With an inherent need to connect with her jewels, Lattice crafted many trinkets that now adorn her wrists. 

As her connection to Mother Earth grew stronger, Lattice started vibing every single crystal that landed in her lap. And in her quest to find homes for all crystals that come her way, Lattice creates stories for each of her crystal babies in the way she perceives them. A lover of the sun, sand and sea, these elements will strengthen her connection to Mother Earth and her creations. 

Lattice started selling on Instagram and still does, with daily feed sales on @latticegems! Now you can find the listings here as well! Be sure to follow on Instagram @latticegems for all the latest updates.